Since 1998, the RIVERTRIBE name has been synonymous with quality ambient and chilled beat world music. Now in 2016, the Didgeridu-led band finds themselves exploring the realms of more energetic genres of deep house and melodic tech-house. Still with didgeridus, ancient woodwinds and african percussion on board, Mike and Luke’s high energy sets are grabbing crowds at street festivals and venues wherever they go. Their infectious grooves and chilled house beats cant help but make you move. Having performed at some of the world’s largest street festivals in Montreal, Halifax, Toronto, Singapore, Munich, Rotterdam, Lithuania and with concert tours in Australia,

India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, Scotland and many more and a bunch of the biggest Gospel Festivals going, such as Toowoomba Easterfest, Greenbelt UK, Flevo NL, Parachute NZ and others, as well as a first showing at Rainbow Serpent, the band is coming out stronger than ever with their new deep house music release: “Sunset On Mars” as well as a busy performing schedule…the journey continues as they perform sets with a mix of their own tunes and the latest and greatest of underground house mixes from around the globe, just as comfortable behind the decks in clubs as on concert stages, their versatility will see them further spreading their international wings in 2016.

Sunset on Mars

Sunset On Mars is an 18 month exploration into genres of house. It features some wonderful vocal and musical collaborations from artists around Australia, with the Australian didgeridoo making a regular appearance. This is the first album by Rivertribe stalwart Mike Lane and relative newcomer Luke Hawkins and signifies a new direction, new live feel, and new intended audience for Rivertribe.


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